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Concubine Chaolu

Concubine Chaolu

Concubine Chaolu

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1980 ratings
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    Concubine Chaolu
  • Author:

    Pillow ice mother
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    Qishi Book
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The little general of the Wei family is a stone stones don't blossom, but they are on the way of the wind and moon field this was planted in fireworks lane there are beauties in the lane. Hook away the young soul young people have a lot of money. I'm here to buy beauty ----------------- "do you have enough money?" Wei Liang photographed the money enough to buy an alley, demolished a building and chased several people to cut down three miles of land so the whole world knows that Jiang Chaolu is Wei Liang's man, but Jiang Chaolu doesn't know later, Jiang Chaolu married someone else later, when Wei Liang stumbled back to Jiang Chaolu, he only met her already cold body ----------------- abuse in the early stage, and finally God reverses he non rebirth! Not through! Non Shuangjie non Gong Dou's eldest daughter's main text shuyoukou Group No.: 743945110

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